The Space Between – 21 Places for the 21st Century Design Competition

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COLLABORATOR: Caroline Toth (Competition), Vancouver Urban Design Forum (installations)

THIS COMPETITION initiated by the Vancouver City Planning Commission initiative – aimed to generate a dialogue among Vancouverites about creative ways to make Vancouver’s public realm more appealing. My proposal – The Space Between – was chosen as one of the 21 winners and proposed the transformation of neglected, residual spaces in public amenties through simple means.

Consequently, members of the Vancouver Urban Design Forum approach me to work with them to create a number of installations based on the concepts brought forth in the competition proposal. These were then to be a part of the tours given for the World Urban Forum (WUF) delegates.

Focusing along Vancouver’s Commercial Drive, the Spaces Between initiative was a great success. Although the number of installations dwindled as municipal regulations and timelines were introduced the WUF tour was the first to reach capacity. Furthermore, one installation – the conversion of a derelict laneway abutting Commercial Drive – remains intact, as hundreds of local community members signed a petition asking the City keep it.