C-D Home and Gym

TSAWWASSEN, B.C. – This project had two components: the renovation of the existing home to better use the limited space existing, and the design and construction of a gym structure in the rear yard. The office would replace a derelict shed that was used for this purpose.

The redesign of the home looked at reconfiguring the existing partitions to maximize the efficient use of interior space and making a number of intelligent “incisions” into the original house to maximize solar gain and natural ventilation. The interior spaces were extending to the exterior by creating a series of outdoor rooms that provided privacy while creating a variety of micro-climatic zones were the owners could retreat.

The most dramatic design element is the lightscoop that captures the morning (east) light and brings it deep into the house. An artistic series of south-facing windows in the lightwell create a variety changing light patterns while facilitating solar gain.

The new structure the rear yard was intended to be a modest, flexible structure that could support gym equipment and office activities. The owner’s desired a fully off-grid, self-sufficent building incorporating innovative passive and active systems (i.e. photovoltaics, etc.). Many variations were developed, ending in an interesting L-shaped building that interlocked with the existing home to subdivide the rear yard into a series of outdoor rooms. The structure also incorporated an accessible planted roof.