MuSh House


TSAWWASSEN, B.C. – The owners of this wonderful cottage wanted to minimize change to the overall character and size of the small-footprint structure. They insisted on quality, not quantity. Thus, the renovation revolved around staying within the existing area while strategically opening up and reorganizing the interior of the main and attic floors.

The changes to the ground level focused on opening up the original compartmentalized layout, a new kitchen, a new stair way built to current code standards, and reorganizing the approach to a entry along the redesigned courtyard. New lighting, finished and custom cabinets create a warm atmosphere, while maximizing useable space.

The attic level saw the addition of a new larger bathroom that projects slightly above the original ridge line, adding a subtle and unique accent to the unique cottage character of the existing home. A small elongation of this new dormer allowed for the inclusion of windows to bring natural light into the centre of the attic, where is was needed. Interior (frosted) windows and a glass sliding door for the bathroom, maximize natural light penetration into the attic.