G-S Home

COLLABORATOR(S): Owner-builder, Steven Bruce

TSAWWASSEN, B.C. – This large-scale renovation required the expansion of an existing two-bedroom bungalow to include another bedroom and bathroom as well as develop a new aesthetic “vision” for the home. Furthermore, an owner-built accessory structure was included as a part of the larger site planning.

The main design strategy involved maintaining existing building footprint and foundations (for environmental and economic reasons) and upgrading the building envelope of the existing structure to a high level of energy-efficiency. The interior partitions would be reorganized and an upper level would be added to house the new functions.

Despite having the same footprint, the final design shows a radical departure from the original home – fitting in with the scale of the surrounding context and incorporating a number of interesting spaces within. The most dramatic is a two-storey vaulted space above the living and dining areas that brings south light deep into the houses in home’s interior and facilitates passive solar gain.

An open mezzanine that looks down into these spaces from the newly constructed upper level above and has views through the south-facing glass beyond creates an inviting and restful space. Combined with the open stairway, rooftop deck over the garage and site planning that integrate the outdoor spaces while maintaining privacy, makes this home a truly unique and stimulating environment.