Housing Types Study – Pringle Creek Community

COLLABORATORS: Patrick Condon (UBC), Ronald Kellett (UBC), Ramsey Worden Architects (Vancouver), Opsis Architecture (Portland)

The tasks for this unique project were multi-faceted and varied. This was the first phase of two phases and involved critically analyzing the relationship between households and housing types with the goal of applying this knowledge to the creation of a socially diverse and equitable sustainable community. With this in mind, the spatial needs and budgetary allowances of a variety of households of varying ages – ranging from single seniors to extended families – were carefully investigated and related to specific housing types. This house types then designed in more detail and distributed throughout the site in conjunction with developing a strong urban design concepts focused on the creation of meaningful public spaces while engaging ecological and social concerns.

Pringle Creek Community has subsequently been in various publications and television shows and has won a number of different awards including the first ever NAHB Land Development of the Year Award in 2007. You can get more information about the project here.